Friday, December 24, 2010

A story yet to be titled


I listened to this particular tune when I was in seventh grade, since then it has been a great companion to me and has kept me up with my dreams. The use of flute especially is spectacular and can be easily compared to any of those magical compilations from Pandit Hari Prasad Chourasia. I call it as Raag Saagar (PS: This is purely fictional). I remember listening to Raag Saagar in a television commercial but do not remember what ad it was. I am sure not many who have seen the tv commercial would remember this particular tune. In fact Raag Saagar is so strongly embedded in my neurons that it recurs very often every day. Apart from being a superbly crafted tune, Raag Saagar generates visuals and flashes in my mind, again a fascinating fact that I am disclosing now after say 15 years. I don’t understand what these visuals stand for and what are they trying to convey. Whenever rag saagar rings in my mind, visuals of behemoth Himalayan ranges flashes and this has been happening consistently for the past 15 years. I am tired of thinking and searching answers for few questions that has been hounding me in the past decade

• Why do I have such strong bonding towards them? There are a lot of other
beautiful peaks across India but why only Himalayas?
• What is in Himalayas that always provokes my neurons and send messages to my brain which in turn thinks about himalayas and I get visuals flashing so often?
• Why have my feelings for these behemoth ranges remained so strong even though I have ignored them for the past 15 years?
• A beautiful green field surrounded by noble Himalayan ranges and a highway running on the edges, what does this signify as a dream?
• Why is my mind wandering here? All these are so far and away from my daily routine, then why do they keep flashing in my thoughts? It is believed that the mind thinks about those things that one encounters in his/her daily routine, then what is happening with my mind?

To be continued....................................