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The Mystery of Bila Land book review

The Mystery of Bila Land

Finally, “A Story yet to be titled” has been titled as “The Mystery of Bila Land”. Five years hence, I was able to complete this unique story and get it to the market. Before talking anything about my book, first let me talk about what prompted me to write? What is the main purpose of my writing?
Well, it was to get over “fear”. Yes, you read it right “fear”. Writing was something I thought was not my cup of tea and needed great skills. I wanted to anyhow get that feeling off me and conquer it. It gave me immense pleasure and happiness within when I wrote, that just made me a different person altogether in the last five years. This book of mine is inspired by a dream that I had at a very young age. As we all know, some dreams stay back in our minds for years together. This was one of those that has stayed back and motivated me to come up with this book.
Never in my dreams could I ever imagine that I will see a day when my dream would take a form of a book. For a person like me, writing a book was like trekking the mighty Himalayan belts bare foot. A creatively challenged guy like me with a pathetic vocabulary finishes a book, is this Joke? Nope, it’s a fact. God has been kind in giving me that strength in the form of perseverance and hard work to see this dream come off. Believe me, if I can do it, then anybody in this world can do anything.

Here is a quick summary about my book.

The Mystery of Bila Land is a fast paced journey of a man, Vibhas, who meets his destiny in the land of Bilas somewhere in the midst of the mighty Himalayan belts. Vibhas is a twenty eight year old consultant by profession and a mountain trekker by passion. One of the reasons for his passion towards mountains has been a dream that recurs every night and wakes him up in shock. Over the last fifteen years, every night, he has been seeing glimpses of a warrior, meditating on a place surrounded by snow-capped mountains, fighting a battle and chanting mantras within a cave.
What do these dreams signify for Vibhas? Why are these visuals hounding him for the past fifteen years? Who is this warrior? What is his dream trying to make him realize?
The key to these questions is found in the midst of a trek to the mighty Himalayas, when Vibhas splits up from his trekking group and enters the gorgeous land of the Bilas, a local tribe belonging to a forest in the Himalayan Mountains.
The shocking truth about his dreams is revealed in the Bila Land, which hosts all the places that he has been seeing in his dreams for the past fifteen years.

However, there is more than just the answers to his dreams to be found here. As truth after truth gets unveiled, Vibhas realizes that what Bila Land has to offer him is an experience that no human kind has had in a thousand years or more.

Now, available across major online retailers - Flipkart, Amazon, Bookadda and notionpress store (Publisher website)

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